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Ranger Von Der Kinder

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Ranger Von Der Kinder for Stud service I prefer WESTERN WORKING LINES but i am open to other stable working line. Good strong pedigree, Wellness exam good, U.T.D on vaccines. Will be hip and elbow tested by end of March 2021 He is Medium drive, weight 99 pounds, Large head and Solid bone structure. Ranger can go from miles on trail to completely laid back at home on the couch. Very stable temperament and best of all 100% loyal, he does make a good guardian and naturally he does good property control to keep wild life threats off property that he knows are not welcome. His recall is excellent and would stop and return to me instantly .which is always good to have with a working line. Bottom line... there is NO Job Ranger cannot do if trained for it, If there was a such thing as perfect HE would be just that. He is too good to be true. Anyone who have met him admire him dearly . I am hoping to find WESTERN WORKING LINES I find western working lines are getting more harder to find and I want to keep the western working line going strong with good bill of health.. There will be a contract.agreement..

Ranger Von Der Kinder


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