German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: Black female - Personal Protection - 1,5 years (id: 284458)

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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

Black female - Personal Protection - 1,5 years

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Werry is all black, 1,5 years old female.  HD 0/0, ED 0/0. She is very active, lively and happy with a balanced temperament. She is a defensive dog with strong guard instincts. Her defence is fast and her bite is strong, but she is well and easily controlled. She has been trained to guard and obedience.

There is a quality working pedigree, her ancestors own top grades in championships of the Czech Republic and the World championship. Her granded obtained 4th place at the World championchip. She is healthy with negative hip and elbow score. She is without exterior faults. She is highly ball driven and she loves her defence training.

She likes contact with people and children, she is used to other dogs and she can live both in the house and garden.
She also enjoys a cuddle from the family members at the same time as being a guard dog.

Sire: Pendox vom Weinbergblick
1 Quali für IPO3 LGA 2019 96-98-98= 292 V
2 Quali für IPO3 LGA 2019 95-93-98 =286V
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Dam: Xarka Majoruv haj
BH, IPO 2, IPO V, FPr 3, ZZO, ZVV 1, SPr 3
grandfather - Life v. Fürstentum Kaunitz
IPO3, SchH3, BH, 4. place WUSV - World Championship, BSP - Championship Germany
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video - protection

video - protection

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Black female - Personal Protection - 1,5 years


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