German Shepherd Dog Puppies for sale: Upcomming Breeding 2021 4-3 Kery Kamos-Durabo (id: 284431)

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Upcomming Breeding 2021 4-3 Kery Kamos-Durabo

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Future Planned breeding Deephollows Fletcher "Ace" and Xaaba Von Wendelin

RSK9 is partenering with Retired Breeder, trainer of RidgeMount Kennels  Paul Giguere of Niagara Ontario

Deephollows Fletcher "Ace"

Xaaba Von Wendelin

Breeding Outcome

Expecting well balanced working GSD's,

Ace is an accomplished PPD dog whom is balance, social and environmentally sound. massive grips, accepting of any challenge.

Ace brings to the table a clear head, large body(115lbs) and head, a gorgeous sable.

line bred 5-5 Yoschy von der Döllenwiese, son of Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft. Ace/Flectcher is also grandson of Terror Von Der Statchmatch strong working drives, hunt, prey and defense.

Xaaba a dominant dame, high prey drives with balance, defense and hunt drive, Xaaba brings seriousness, wanting to pleae the handler.

An Ibon Jipo Me Daughter, line bred 4 - 4,5 Dargo HA-JA-Da and 5-5 Ori z Danaru, son of Cordan An-Sat

Breeding pair have certified hips and elbows via OFA this breeding match up is very exciting PPD, sport, K9 definitely expected...

Pups will be CKC Certified, Ear, Hip, Elbow Guarantee

Buyers will be vetted for suitability for these working lines.

Shipping is available at Buyer Expense plus crate.

Breeding and Non Breeding contracts will be available.

Contact for pricing and deposit information to hold your pup.



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