German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: Working line Bitch ready for BH (id: 283623)

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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

Working line Bitch ready for BH

Sent by KJLevin

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Nice well balanced working line female for sale. She is well started in all three phases and is ready for her BH. Get her now before I put the BH on her and she can be your HOT dog. She has natural tracking ability, is doing full length tracks and is learning to put the polish on her articles. Have just started the concept training for her retrieves. In protection, she ALWAYS has a nice full calm grip and is very fast to the sleeve. She is a fast and willing learner. She cycles regularly and would make someone a great breeding dog. Check out her pedigree, she goes back to some great dogs. She has had her prelim x rays done last year and they looked good. Offering her for $3,000 and if you want me to retake the hips and elbows and send them in to OFA it is $3,500. email: or you can text/call 608 219 5267.

Working line Bitch ready for BH


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