German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: 100% Workingdog, Ohle Von Der Donnerbrücke (id: 283504)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

100% Workingdog, Ohle Von Der Donnerbrücke

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Solid black male named Ohle has a strong-, dominant- character, with a great- and big temperament. He is extreme in his working-abilities and is always trying to do his 100% best, AD & BH titles. He comes out of 'Top of the Bill' Working bloodlines: Kniffel von der Donnerbrücke X Genta Vom Haus Valkenplatz, which also makes him a great addition to your K9-breeding-program. Ohle is a 100% 'one-man' dog and is trained and ready for the IGP1 program; he has Full-grip Bitework and Crazy Balldrive. which makes him an excellent partner for any experienced K9 Working-teams in all fields. X'rays Hips, Elbows and Spine are clear. More information available ONLY via WhatsApp or phone via +45 31 36 31 60 or email EXPERIENCED HANDLERS ONLY!

100% Workingdog, Ohle Von Der Donnerbrücke

100% Working- Protection- & Security Dog, out of World-Class bloodlines: Ohle von der Donnerbrücke BH


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