German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: 2year old male for sport or active family home (id: 283011)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

2year old male for sport or active family home

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Dagger is a strong, medium sized male, stout with heavy bone throughout. He has rich pigment, long coat with an undercoat. His temperament is outstanding. Dagger has stable nerves with no environmental issues. Dagger has an excellent off switch. When he is in protection or "work'" mode he is powerful, driven and focused, when he is not working, he is relaxed and neutral. He is a natural methodical tracker and very biddable in obedience. His protection offers full, calm grips with a very committed long bite. His ball drive and food drive are extremely high, he has been trained in a very balanced way showing that he has love for the work yet is not sensitive to corrections when needed. Overall Dagger exudes qualities needed for work. Dagger was meant to be a stud in my breeding program but his hips are not good enough for a breeding program, the vet(who is a training director at a Schutzhund club) who took his X-rays said that he can maintain a sport career but his hips will not pass for breeding, which is the only reason i am selling him. Daggers foundation in Schutzhund is in place, his price is $2,000. call or text 919-798-5735

2year old male for sport or active family home


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