German Shepherd Dog Puppies for sale: Dasko von der Rennbahn x Jabina Creleo (id: 282707)

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Dasko von der Rennbahn x Jabina Creleo

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1 female and 3 males available from G Dasko von Der Rennbahn IPO 3 KKL x SG Jabina Creleo. Dasko is a 21 IPO3, with 17 of those earned at a national level. He was a 2015 World Team Alternate in Lahti, Finland. Jabina Creleo is an import from Denmark who is a medium, quick female, with a great off switch. Both dogs are high drive, social, and live in the home. All puppies are very active, bi-color, and will be great working prospects or active family companions. Puppies are priced at $2,000. Please contact me at or 518-649-0267 for more information.


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