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Cecylia vom Vogelbergblick, GSDCA Universal Siegerin, USA WUSV Team member, and winner of the LGA 15 Landesgruppenausscheidung in Germany with the highest protection score was bred to Maxx vom Haus Pixner in Germany. Maxx is the new dog of three times World Champion, Helmut Huber. The litter was born in Germany on May 10 and will be registered under Helmut Huber's kennel name, vom Schloss Guttenburg. The puppies have been line bred on Ernst vom Weinbergblick 4 - 4 Fenja vom Haus Pixner 4 - 4 Lewis Malatesta 5 - 5 Carmen vom Haus Pixner 5 - 5 Ilko vom Peko Haus 5 - 5 Lona vom Bayrischen Oberland 5 - 5 Tom van't Leefdaalhof This is Cecylia's last litter. We have two females available. Please send email to


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