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German Shepherd Dog - Puppies for sale

Top Quality 8 Week Old Male Available

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One buyer backed out, so there is now one male available. He would be a spectacular active pet or working prospect. $2000 SG Azog z Glaurung BH, IGP1, P1, BHOT, SV a1 hips and elbows, LUW 0, OCD normal, DM clear, MDR1 clear, VWD1 clear, HU clear X VD Uriah Heep Orrylordblack ZVV1, Czech A/A hips and 0/0 elbows, Spine negative, MDR1 clear, VWD1 clear, HU clear This is a repeat breeding. The previous litter all has exceptional nerves, and they are all successful active companions. Some puppies sold as working prospects show good drive, grips, and talent so far. I kept back an exceptional female to train and title, and she is everything I could have hoped for so far. Urri is an exceptional female that is recently imported from the Czech republic. She has an extremely solid temperament and is great with children and in new environments. Her tracking is very methodical, intense, and correct. Her obedience is very happy and flashy. Urri's protection is very serious as well as in high drive. I plan to continue her training upto an IGP3 over the next couple of years. She is another ideal female that I am glad to own. BBall is a very powerful, drivey male with a bombproof temperament. He is extremely trustworthy in all situations, but he brings a lot of intensity working. He is a phenomal male that I plan on training and competing at championships over the next four or five years. He is fully BHOT (breeder handler owner trained). I expect BBall to earn his IGP2 and IGP3 in spring/early summer 2020. Bringing these two dog together should result in exceptional working dogs. The puppies should have a strong nerve base to handle all the drive and aggression. The puppies will be able to succeed at multiple endeavors including protection sports, SAR, Police K9, agility, and as active companions. The puppies should have full calm grips, clear headed, medium to high prey drive, good ball and food drive, natural tracking abilities, and have an off switch. Health is also a high priority and many factors have been considered. This is a repeat breeding, and the first litter all had exceptional temperaments. The puppies will be raised in my house. They will receive the Super Dog stimulation from birth. They will be weaned onto a raw diet, crate trained, litter trained in the whelping box which will aid in quicker house training, and used to riding in a car. They will all be handled individually daily and played with and tested when age appropriate in their temperament and drives (hunt, food, prey, fight, possessiveness, etc and in different environments and surfaces). Puppies will come with AKC registration, a microchip, a health warranty, and a puppy packet. All Shipping costs, if necessary, will be the responsibility of the buyer. Puppies are $2000 Linebreeding 3-3 Angsbacken's Rosso WUSV CHAMPION 2007, (4x WUSV), SCHH3, BHP 3, IPO3

Top Quality 8 Week Old Male Available

Pedigree of older sister: Erebus z Glaurung


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