German Shepherd Dog Puppies for sale: Outstanding 5-Week Old Female Pups (id: 282147)

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German Shepherd Dog - Puppies for sale

Outstanding 5-Week Old Female Pups

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"Classic style" The "Total" German Shepherd. Not terms you hear much these days but you will from us. These pups are awesome. Spitzenhund Kennels is the home of legend Bomber vom Wolfsheim. We breed for the classic type shepherd in both the well-portioned classic look as well as the reliable temperament that made this breed so loved. If you're looking for a super companion dog, you could not get better than this. Bomber son Grendel to a Czech bitch, Haska. This is a repeat breeding. We were so amazed by the quality last time, we decided to do it again. These two sable girls are great! Everything you can want in a German Shepherd. These puppies have low-shed working coats. This is great for having a low-maintenance dog in the house. Shipping from Missouri. Call Mark for details. 320-795-2535

Outstanding 5-Week Old Female Pups


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