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SHOW STOPPING Beautiful German Shepherd Puppies

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Impeccable but affordable, beautiful west German Shepherd pups! Their mother Fifi vom Leithwald's father is the World famous VA (BSZS) Gary vom Huhnegrab and their father is V2 Opal di Casa Massarelli, who comes from the famous Italian Kennel Casa di Massarelli.

Puppies born, February 11, 2020, two males and one female remain. These puppies have had extensive handling, interaction, socialization plus the best in raw feeding, fermented goats milk, lot's of sunshine, exercise and stimulation. Their coats are outstanding, deep black and red's coming in just like Opal's.

We know each of these pups individually and their unique personalities. Expectations are they will turn heads, and be a sound and grounded force in the world and families they bond with. I have given the best foundation, along with exceptional love, devotion and care to each of these puppies along with their mother.

I believe with the bloodlines chosen, along with an excellent foundation in nutrition, human bonding, touch and voice along with the real world we have been exposing them to, you should have a great friend and confidant.

Please be comfortable knowing we will deliver these pups to your door at a great price or meet you where and when possible. We are located in central Pennsylvania, have the ability to ship and provide ground transportation.

$250.00 deposit required to save your pup.

Call or text Michelle at # 717-925-7367 or contact

Three remain--two male and one female. Contact us today!

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SHOW STOPPING Beautiful German Shepherd Puppies


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