German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: Kennel downsizing due to economic impact of COVID (id: 281644)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Kennel downsizing due to economic impact of COVID

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Unfortunately due to COVID I have lost nearly 100% of my income. I have made some tough decisions to let some of my dogs go in the hopes of downsizing enough to be able to weather the storm and continue to be able to feed and care for the dogs the way they always have been. PLEASE TEXT ONLY TO INQUIRE! 559-936-1633


Available dogs:



“Isco” aka Jen Ager’s Hercules. 


Very strong, civil male for an experienced handler. Ready for BH, nearly ready for IGP1 and could go to other bitework sports or police/security.



Faust aus dem Tal, PD1


A very nice male with OB1 and PD1 titles and great work in IGP and in personal protection, suit work, etc. Was entered for BH March 21 but our trial was canceled for COVID 😕 OFA good/normal


Co-own or sold with breeding rights only.




V Jara von der Sigisliebe, IPO3, FH2 (3x, one off leash) 


This is the mother to my “I didn’t know I was pregnant “ litter lol. She is an older female but obviously still fertile lol, excellent producer and mother. Out of one of the best producing bitches in the country. She can go any direction.




SG Ebony Opavia hof, ZVV1, KKL


Older female but still fertile. Just weaned a litter from Asllan Jandera-Slovakia, IGP1. Great producer, I have a titled daughter and a granddaughter and grandson was keeping for the program. This is a foundation type female and a great mother. Has not been overbred and loves to work. She could go about any direction.





2 male from this litter ready to go around may 1st:




Reservation spots available for this litter due soon:


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