German Shepherd Dog Puppies for sale: 6 months old female with great pedigree (id: 281052)

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6 months old female with great pedigree

Sent by Marsyas kenel

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We offer 6 months old very talented sable female

Xendy comes from very strong working bloodline, she leads bloodline of WM Chris spod Lazov - Faro Demin dvor, Coudy z udoli Upy, Cak BenJu and other great and strong dogs.

She is an active female that loves to work, she has excellent ball and food drive, she has basic training in obedience, protection and tracking work, full and strong grips, she is very nice looking,

she is used to being around other dogs, travelling in car, regularly training. She can be trained for titles and sport.

Father: Miro von den alten Schmiede, IPO3, HD/ED normal, show, DNA, FH2, male with top character for work

Mother: Qween z Vojanky, extra dark sable female, IPO1, HD/ED normal, show, DNA gives excellent progenies


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6 months old female with great pedigree


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