German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: Young sable female with training (id: 280587)

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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

Young sable female with training

Sent by Marsyas kenel

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We offer young sable female, 14months old, official HD, ED results - the best result, 0/0, DNA in Germany, all teeth, trained.

Rainbow is a young female and is trained in obedience and protection work, also some tracking. She loves to work for food and has very good ball drive. She enjoys protection work very much. Rainy is very nice built and is a strong female with excellent bloodline. She is used to be around people, is ok with children so as other dogs. She has excellent switch on/off, very active at work and calm while not working. At this moment she is training for her BH title, she can be titled.

Both her parents have reached IPO3 and have HD/ED normal (0/0), DNA, show and Korung. She will be able to receive the highest titles as well.




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Young sable female with training


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