German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: Excellent Red Sable Working Line Breeding Female (id: 279800)

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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

Excellent Red Sable Working Line Breeding Female

Sent by Josiah Bower

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High quality breeding female with excellent working lines!

Orla vom Kraftwerk is a red sable with exceptional markings. She has strong bones with a powerful head, substantial proportions, and alert expression. She possesses steady nerve constitution, a playful and even temperament with a calm disposition. She is attentive and highly responsive. Orla is great with children and other animals. She enjoys following obedience commands. She has natural protective instincts, convincing barking, and showed full commitment during protection training. Orla is an ideal combination of East and West German lines. Her pedigree is well-known for optimum health and vitality, comprising well-known competitors recognized for their outstanding trainability and overall physical fitness. Strong and substantial impression with a powerful head type. Great capacity to handle stress giving them the ability to work under any condition. Steady and reliable in all situations. Her proven pedigree combines the best working lines known to produce absolute rock-solid character, temperament, drive, and excellent structure. Both her parents are large and substantial with good pigmentation. Orla is well-mannered with excellent social skills.

Orla is in a breeding pair with Yol von der Sandkautschneise BH (Yol's pedigree is listed on Pedigree Database), and we would like them to go together if possible.

Please contact me at (760) 533-9519 for pricing and more information.

Excellent Red Sable Working Line Breeding Female

View Orla's Pedigree Here: Orla vom Kraftwerk


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