German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: Imported Working Male--Son of Drago vom Patriot!! (id: 279799)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Imported Working Male--Son of Drago vom Patriot!!

Sent by Josiah Bower

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Imported working line male!

Yol von der Sandkautschneise is a rare large black sable with distinctive markings. Sired by the most renowned working stud in the world, Drago vom Patriot, he is an extraordinary companion and working dog. He has great bone strength and a strong head with a fantastic expression. With his rock-solid nerves, he has a natural ability to transition from calm and quiet inside the home to top protector. He follows obedience instructions very well and has a BH Training Degree, just whisper and he obeys. Yol shows superior loyalty and is very committed to his family pack. He demonstrated his fearless and self-confident temperament during protection training. Yol comes from a recognized top working line German pedigree. His hips and shoulders are certified normal.

Yol is in a breeding pair with Orla vom Kraftwerk (Orla's pedigree is listed on Pedigree Database), and we sould like them to go together if possible.

Please contact me at (760) 533-9519 for pricing and more information.

Imported Working Male--Son of Drago vom Patriot!!

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