German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: 1 year old male for sale, has Rally obedience titl (id: 279684)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

1 year old male for sale, has Rally obedience titl

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Black and deep red, medium-large male. He is intact and has show experience. He has his Rally 1 title (UKC). He is currently being worked on leash only but we have begun to add in some off leash obedience. his father is his dam: We are not breeders. We are a family, that's all. This dog was trained almost entirely by my daughter who is 12. He is a happy and quick learner, but we admit that we are mostly just hobby trainers, and not hard-core sport people. He is crate trained and housebroken. He is quiet in the car and loves to ride. He is socially safe, does not seek friendship with strangers but is not aggressive or nasty. We go to the park, pet store, Lowes every week with him and he loves the trips. He rather thinks the people at Starbucks belong to him. He will bark when someone comes to the house, he sounds evil and huge, but I am not sure he really has the drive behind him to make good on it. Again, my assessment of him is from someone who has loved and been involved in the breed for years, but not as a professional, as only a trainer. His pros are: He loves to travel, has smart, nice obedience, housebroken, easy to live with, protective (though he has not been trained in bite work, and I do not think he has the drive to be a hard core IPO dog). He is very easy going, can be a bit of a bum (not sure if that is a positive or negative depending). His cons: He is not as confident as I think is correct in a GSD. He is not afraid, but he is not as forward as I look for in training a dog. He accepts strangers but can be shy. He would not be appropriate for a home with very small children. He will need a leader or he will become lazy or pushy. He has had his hips prelimn'd but he is not 2 and so is not OFA'd. His hip prelims were good. I did not have the elbows done at the time. He is still young and can be very much a puppy, over exuberant and silly, but when working, he really seems to enjoy obedience work. We have not done any sort of directed retrieves, jumping, though he will go over our obstacle course which includes and A frame, a teeter totter and through tires, balance beam. He has done a very small amount of scent discrimination. He has never been bred but is intact (and interested). We are only selling him, to the right home/family, as we have other dogs for training and he gets pushed to the end of the line and we want him to be in a home situation. He is not a hard dog to live with, but anyone buying him, should be prepared to commit to giving him the time to bond with him. My daughter clicker trained him. We have many short videos available that we can send via e-mail or text if you wish to see more. The price is firm and fair. Please call with any questions or requests for more info or pictures, but please do not be condescending. I have not tried to put forth than we are anything more than trainers for people looking to solve problems with their pets or compete in obedience etc. Thanks. $1000 Contact me at 574 three29-3435 e-mail:

1 year old male for sale, has Rally obedience titl


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