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German Shepherd female

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Republic of Serbia   RS ←→ Posted from Serbia

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Available for sale: - Ina DN Tim Horizont born 09.01.2016 SG3 Serbia HD normal ED normal DNA gepruft BH IPO1 KKL by SV Daughter of SG9 BSZS Madrid Von Simpor - Lana DN Tim Horizont born 08.06.2018 Hellenic sieger show vv3 Yunior BIS BOB Father:Darsy Team Falvavolgyi BSZS SG21 HD,ED fast normal IPO1 BH DNA Gepruft KKL Mother:Ina DN Tim Horizont SG3 Serbia HD,ED normal IPO1 BH DNA Gepruft KKL Tel: +381691112980 Mail: Nikola Dejanovic Ruma, Serbia +381691112980

German Shepherd female

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