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Breeders Dream German Shepherd Puppies

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Spitzenhund Kennels is a leader in classic style German Shepherd Dogs from Europe. We welcome breeders and fanciers who prefer the hard-to-find well-proportioned, classic type Shepherds pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the heart. Our pedigrees are second to none. Our dogs are different from the "new" West German show dog with high withers, steep sloped back, and extreme dropped down rear ends. Our dogs have that classic beauty and proportion which pleases most of the crowd. Our buyers love the look of our dogs. We are also different from many working circles. We don't have single-minded focus on high-drive competition dogs. We breed for the total German Shepherd. This is a dog which is appreciated and versatile in most situations; level headed and with all the drives to do what the shepherd does. This is a dog that will protection, will work, and comes with a great look pleasing to the eye. Breeders looking to build upon the classic qualities which have made this breed so loved will find something special at Spitzenhund Kennels. For puppies available, contact Mark @ 320-795-2535 We invite you to look us up through the link provided.

Breeders Dream German Shepherd Puppies

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