German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: 4 year old spayed female (id: 277558)

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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

4 year old spayed female

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She is SO sweet and loves to be petted. She is an indoor and outdoor dog. She likes things to be quiet and does not like the volume and unpredictability of small children so it’s best if she goes to a home that is not chaotic and doesn’t have a lot of visitors. She prefers to be wherever her people are. She walks well on a leash and has been to many public places. She is content in a crate for extended periods of time. She is not destructive in front of you. She has only chewed up her own toys when she thought no one was watching. She’s never had an accident in the house but has never been unattended and has access to a dog door. She loves to roll in the water and mud! It’s hilarious. She is spayed and up to date on shots. She has had a recent heartworm and tick disease test this past spring and it was negative. She is current on and always has been on heartworm prevention. She is a retired breeding dog so she has her hips and elbows certified dysplasia free and is clear of over 150 genetic diseases, including Degenerative Myelopathy. She does not like strangers. She avoids them. Seeing that she’s so uncomfortable around people she doesn’t know, I’ve never allowed anyone to force themselves on her. She would protect her home against a stranger though. The way to heart is through her stomach so anyone can feed her treats but things get awkward when the food runs out. LOL! $200 Muldrow Oklahoma 479-629-5158

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