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TOP VA Quenn son for sale!

Sent by vomHimmeltal

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Updated: Sep 09, 2019 05:23 AM (inserted 3 weeks ago) -> 988
Shirkan vom Himmeltal is a great young male! He has strong and large bones, a very big head and great anatomy. Furthermore he has a powerful movement, and a great charakter. Shirkan is good to kids and very friendly. He has basic knowledge in obedience and tracking and is doing a great and strong bitework. Hips and ellbows normal. And a very good bloodline with several champions. Shirkan was shown at several shows in Germany and was also rated SG6 out of 16 dogs at the Netherland Championships. Here are some facts: born on 06.04.2018 HD/ED normal SG size: 64cm V: VA Quenn von der Piste Trophe M: V53 Nola vom Himmeltal, Nola is a halfsister of SG3 Peach vom Himmeltal If you are interested in this powerful male please feel free to contact me:

TOP VA Quenn son for sale!

TOP alternative bloodline: SG Shirkan vom Himmeltal WB

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