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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Respect Maly Lumpik

Sent by Michell

Slovakia   SK ←→ Posted from Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

Updated: Aug 25, 2019 08:12 PM (inserted 3 weeks ago) -> 181
Respect AKA Rischo will be fenomenal as stromg protective family guardian, but he also can be so soft and sweett with my kids. He is son of Original Maly Lumpik she was 7th on WUSV 2018 and she is 5times winner or slovak championship IGP3 most sucesfull female in czecho slovakia!! Rischo made IGP 2 as a mother or two small kids (3, 2) I dont have time prepare him for championships but he can make you very proud on training field ;). He does not have problem with other dogs he live in pack but with male's be carefull he is ok but sometime he will try to be alfa male :). Most of time he living in kennel but no problem be also inside. For more photos/videos write me! Also on facebook Michaela Malinakova He is big dog with big head! In slovak korong he has letter J it is mean that he has perfect face and body of gsd! He has 38kg and 68cm.

Respect Maly Lumpik

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