German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: 6yr old Vegas daughter in heat for sale $1000 (id: 275328)

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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

6yr old Vegas daughter in heat for sale $1000

Sent by geraldelkins

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I have a 6yr old German Import Vegas daughter for sale she just started her heat today 5/24/19 and she could give you 2-3 more litters this dog would be great for someone who want's import lines but can not afford to pay $5000-$10,000 for a younger import she had 7 pups on her last litter and she is still healthy she is a nice dark black and red color she does have one ear that sme times does not stand but other then that she is a good dog she is good around people and kids and not aggressive towards other dogs and not destructive or much of a barker she will come with pink papers and akc papers.
$1,000 for the dog
$550 for Shipping

6yr old Vegas daughter in heat for sale $1000 Zara Von Der Kanishfluh

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