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German Shepherd Dog - Puppies for sale

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Gonta's Jake x Bailey Von Gonta Haus. 12 puppies born July 25th, and ready to go home in late Sept 2019. This pedigree is be: 3 - 3 SG Jucan von Peroh SCHH3, (BSPХ3), FH2 and a 5 - 5,5 SG Bandit vom Oberhausener Kreuz SCHH3 [SG BSP] IP3 FH1 So in other words, this is strong line breeding on Jucan von Peroh, and champion after champion is this bloodline. Many dogs German National BSP champion. Many dogs KKL-1 rating by the breed warden. Multiple time Schutzhund III or IPO III titles. We primarily, but not exclusively, focus on the West German Working lines, with good structure, good hips, very social, and medium/high prey drive. Very good ball drive. Very good hunt drive. Very Social. Parent have OFA hip X-rays and DM tested.  Jucan von Peroh is a very well known, 3 time German National Champion!



The female is the daugther of Caro van Brandevoort, who is also son of Jucan von Peroh.  Caro is a fantastic striker and what is unusual is he is a German Shepherd scoring so high in a field of well trained Dutch Malinois dogs.

This is taking the BEST of the German and Dutch German Shepherd Dog Bloodlines and bring them to the U.S These puppies will be magnificent structure, and very high prey/ball drive, with rock solid nerves and perfect for active households and working households. lease visit our puppy page on our site  to fill or email or 201-333-7957 or cell: 201-539-5305 to get on the waiting list.   We are asking $1,500 limited registration, and $1,800 full registration for the pups, with a  deposit of $500. We are now accepting deposits! These fantastic world class puppies will go quickly, so get your deposit in early! email:

Puppies from World Class European Parents

Working Line Breeding pups! Great family dogs!

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