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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

imported Czech Republic female

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Soffi is an amazing bi-colored long coated female that we imported from the Czech Republic at about a year old. She just turned 2 in January. She loves to just hang out with her humans to include the kiddos, once She bonds with you she be your pal. She sits at aprox. 65lbs. She has a tilt in her pelvis on the right so she did not score well enough on OFA's, She will be fixed and looking to be placed Dr. Davis said she should live a normal life with this a joint supplement as a precaution re-homing fee is $800.00 She is embark tested and elbows are normal I would be happy to show her x-rays or even let you chat with the Dr that did the x-rays ( We did do X-rays twice with multiple x-rays) I have alot of money into her, and a bond so i will not let her go to anyone can ground ship in needed!

imported  Czech Republic female

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