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Ace is a six year old solid black German shepherd male and my dad is Drago von patriate he was a very popular stud. I Bought the dog from a guy who lives in Georgia the guy that sold me the dog didn't keep care of Ace very well. Ace came to my house very rough looking he didn't even look like the dog in the videos and pictures I got from the seller the dog had a lot of hair loss on his back & tail a little on his head, supper skinny where you can see his bones all over, ears had missing hair & cut also chipped and his teeth were mess up to the point that his canine looked warned down or sawed down. He has a lot of trust issues plus a lot of anxiety problems and wasn't socialized with dogs & people when he arrived Ace has a very sad story before I bought him I did a lot training and socializing with him. I bought him to be my breeding dog and stud dog I bred him to my dog couple of times and he produced a couple of great litters I'm ready to retire him so he can have a better life. he needs a home where that person can give him all the one on one and the time for him. I like to work with dogs that had complicated life been abuse re train the dog then rehome for families. I have trained a couple of dogs then soled them to families. He is ready for his new for ever home.This is the things that Ace struggled with the first year he was at my house I have three other German shepherds besides Ace scared of the dog leash scared to go threw the dog kennel doors nervous go on car rides nervous being in the dog kennels and stressed out a lot bark and bite the kennels because of his anxiety barks a lot when he heard the water hoes turn on and dig plus bite the fence chase the water hoes and drink from the water hoes wants eat a lot like he hasn't eaten for days didn't care if there was other dogs around him he didn't notice other dogs around when we go on walks and play in the yard won't come up to me when we play fetch with his toys didn't come up to me when I was in the kennel with him or dog building bites the crap out of plastic dog bowls, water hoes, things that are made out of plastic, other things scared of thunder and thunderstorms This is the list of things Ace knows now I almost had him for two years great in the crate very calm needs his toy with him in the crate / crate trained doesn't go to the bathroom on the leash good in the dog kennels and big fencing yard needs his toys or toy to help him with the anxiety knows how to play with other dogs now and knows how to enjoy other dogs presents doesn't have the need to drink all the time or bark when he hears the water hoes turn on doesn't bite the fence as much only when his toy gets out underneath the fence he can chill out in the dog kennel like normal dog now and be a lot calmer when he's by himself he comes up to me now when I'm in the kennel or fence area and he will come up to me on a leash he will come up to me off leash I have to hold another toy in my hand for him to come up and stay close to me he will let be brush him and pet him he's not so sensitive anymore goes in the kennel doors great now and not scared of going threw the door good at the vet he need his toy to help him with the anxiety great with loud noises and walking around big crowds of people loves to play fetch in the lake and snow loves to play fetch and do the bite pillow for hours getting better with his sits, downs, waits, recalls on a leash teaching him to listen and do commands with out his toy all the time worked on his heel work on leash / off leash reward with his toys great at finding his toy I will hide it and make him find it we play little games he is not so nervous all the like he used to be he still needs a lot of work but he has come far sense he arrived at my place he might be fine in the house he might just need a lot of toys and a lot of one on one work in the house so far he's fine with kids he will let them pet him he likes to go on walks does great with other dogs when he goes on walks he uses a concrete water dog bowl so he can't tear it apart Im asking for $800 I'm located in IL

German shepherd woking line

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