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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

Service Dog, Deterrent Dog, Urban Musher and More!

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Incredibly special and very talented adult female available. Located in King, NC. Jordon "Karma" was trained by me (Custom K9 Solutions) to be the ultimate versatile dog. She just turned 5 years old last month. She possesses service dog tasks, extensive public access training, deterrent dog behaviors, she bikejors, is superb on horse trails and camping, and is a delightful friend and companion. She is confident in any environment and flooring surface. Karma is social, great with other dogs, cats, and farm animals, happy to work for anyone and has great food and toy drive. Works for kibble, loves balls and tugs. Has flown many times and traveled internationally. You name it, she has done it. Will make someone a great companion, service dog/ deterrent dog, or potential protection dog.

A complete bio can be found here:

Karma spent the last year as a Psychiatric Service Dog for a handler battling seven severe mental diagnosis. Karma has been returned to me after her handler experienced a lifestyle and medication change rendering her unable to appropriately maintain Karma's physical and mental needs and in hopes she can go on to aid someone else.

Service Dog Tasks: Clear a room: Used to affirm the non-existence of a hallucination.
Interrupt psychotic episode or disassociation: Tactile stimulation and deep pressure therapy. Barking to alert household if actions become violent. (flailing or hitting)
Alerting to self harm: Bark to alert others to the handler cutting, head banging, and other self harm behaviors. Assistance in rising from the floor
Reliable retrieve

Karma has had a BIG job over the past year. She was able to help her previous handler all day every day. At school, at home, on vacation, and during visits to the doctor and therapist. Karma was extremely devoted to her handler and is credited with stopping at least 1 suicide attempt and for interrupting and alerting to self harm attempts in time to keep her handler out of residential treatment facilities. Karma is suited for a new handler with similar needs.

To ensure long term success for Karma and her next handler I do insist some basic physical requirements be met by potential handlers. I also insist that Karma's new handler not be on medications that impair their mental and physical abilities for the majority of each day.

Karma is available as a service dog with a handling course. This course and in-person delivery is included, as is her Service Dog gear and training tools/ toys.

$9,000 Karma is also available as a highly trained and versatile companion suiting nearly any lifestyle. I would love for her to go to someone who wants to make her part of their family and desires a true companion and best friend. Karma loves her person, is always happy, loves the beach, camping, horseback riding, hiking, and is a perfect house dog. Shipping is at buyer's expense. In-person delivery and handling course is not included but can be added. If you want to keep costs down I recommend coming to NC to pick her up and instruction will be provided then at no additional cost.

For more information please check out my website or call me at 434-326-2748

Service Dog, Deterrent Dog, Urban Musher and More!

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