German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: Black show line female for sale (id: 273887)

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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

Black show line female for sale

Sent by cocherul

Romania   RO ←→ Posted from Romania

Updated: Mar 16, 2019 06:54 AM (inserted 6 days ago) -> 344

For sale solid black female, show line, 6 months old:

Caramel von Turenhof☆:


~~ Axel d'Ulmental ~~

HD fast normal , ED normal , DNA , Ipo 1, Kkl SV

F. 2X VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag

M. V Venus d'Ulmental ( 2x VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard)

• repeated litter of VA Cobra d'Ulmental & Sg3 Clea d'Ulmental •




~~Olive von Turenhof~~

(Margman Yes & Xia von Turenhof)

Hd normal , Ed nz , Dna (Sv),

sg123 SV Bszs Ulm 2017, CAC, BOB !!!


We have another black males and females available !!!



Calin David,

Kennel "Von Turenhof", Romania



WhattsApp: 0040722652165

Black show line female for sale

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