German Shepherd Dog Stud Dog: V1 O'Stryder v Nummer-Eins (HD-ED a1 normal IPO3, (id: 273098)

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V1 O'Stryder v Nummer-Eins (HD-ED a1 normal IPO3,

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Stryder is one of those rare dogs who have an incredible combination of good character, good working ability, good looks and functional anatomy which makes him a valuable representative of the breed. He originates from a very high quality litter with several of his littermates having achieved IPO titles and some serving as service dogs. Stryder has an excellent push for obedience and he has a very clear mind in bitework. He is a thinking dog who likes to problem solve and learns very quickly. He is also a very easy dog to live with because he can relax very easily and stay focused when asked to for long periods through various scenarios. He is a dog that offers a wealth of attributes missing in many dogs today in breeding. In his first litters, Stryder has already shown much promise as his children are showing the same outstanding character as him. We are very excited about the future possibilities with Stryder. Live covers, Frozen, Fresh chilled semen available. Email:

O'Stryder von Nummer-Eins

V1 O'Stryder v Nummer-Eins (HD-ED a1 normal IPO3,

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