German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: Zvv1 Czech imported female (id: 272642)

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Female for sale

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Female for sale

puppies from V2 Benno vom Mahlstein $2500
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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

Zvv1 Czech imported female

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AVAILABLE.... 3 yo Czech imported titled female available. Zuzi is a high drive female with a balance of defense. She is Zvv1 titled with 0/0 hips and elbows. Will be the perfect addition to any breeding or working program. She is an easy keeper. Has had 2 litters and is an exceptional mother. No problems whelping or raising pups. She currently has pups doing PP training, service dog training and AKC competitions. She is easy to handle and good with males. We are located in south Louisiana and shipping is available. $5000 PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE all shipping expenses responsibility of buyer. EMail for more info Also have a 7 month old son of hers available. PM for more info.

Zvv1 Czech imported female

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