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German Shepherd Dog - Puppies for sale

World-class German Shepherd puppies;

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German Shepherd Puppies, Outstanding; World-class pedigrees, GSD champions for generations in protection and work; We breed for health, strength, intelligence, best suited for PROTECTION and excellent companion dogs. Selective, dedicated breeder with medical training. These wonderful and loyal dogs are strong-boned, muscular, highly intelligent, eager to learn and please. Red and black, gorgeous coating. Both parents and gr- parents (raised by us as well) are in perfect health, fed mostly raw, fresh and/or organic food. Plenty of space to roam, these dogs are mostly free to spend time with us and play or work and protect! Puppies are individually stimulated, engaged for best development, well socialized with children, various animals. Sire is son of world champion Arre v Huhnegrab. Dam is direct descendent of Titan v Mittelwest - US champion and vice-champion. We offer genetic guarantee, medical, training and raising support/tips and more. Two gorgeous long coat puppies among the others; all beautiful, energetic and healthy. German Shepherd dogs are famous for intelligence, loyalty, protection and gentleness with kids.

tel: 425 223 0848

World-class German Shepherd puppies;

World and US champions for generations: Codiak vom Mitelwest Transilvania

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