German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: Young breeding female for sale from Czech republic (id: 271788)

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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

Young breeding female for sale from Czech republic

Sent by from Georgeland

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Breeding young female for sale, possible mating with

WUSV Qvido Vepeden or Extreme Orex Aykmar

Xira Venušina sopka

An imageAn image

*19. January 2017

ZVV 1, Sg on the show, 

HD: B - f. normal, ED: A - normal

First breeding class - 5VQ1/N

X-rays are available to view, they looks good.

Xira is a darker female, accustomed of children, dogs, well socialized.

She will going to heating time in december or january. She can be mating with Quido Vepeden or Extreme Orex Aykmar, you can choos it. 

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For more informations pleas contact me:


or text message on tel +420 728 900 383 or +420 720 191 121 Thank you.

More informations you can find on Xira profile:

Price to sell at $3500 + shipping cost from Europe to worldwide.


Father of Xira:

An image

Aron Holli ze Suché

18.09.2009, CMKU/DS 75276/09/12

BH, IPO 1, IPO 2, IPO 3, Police dog

HD: A - normal ED: A - normal

Mother of Xira:

An image

Rula Venušina sopka

28. april 2011, CMKU DS 81967/11/13

BH, IPO 1, ZVV 1, ZVV 2

HD: A - normal ED: A - normal

Xira profile on

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