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STUNNING NEUTERED MALE, 3 YRS. Winningways Eden's Chase is a 3 year old black and red/tan CKC registered and tattooed neutered male. Chase was raised in a family home with 2 children. He was returned to me recently because he was always growling at their son. Their daughter and Chase had a very special bond; she sent me a list of likes and dislikes and a list of the commands that she has taught him. She said they were working on dance and roll over when he was returned. I took him to vet for wellness check, hips and elbow x-rays, he's DM clear by parentage; his vaccinations are current. He had one UAP elbow so he was neutered and his elbow surgically repaired. He is clean and non-destructive in the home; bonds very strongly with 'his' people. 99 lbs. he loves his raw diet; he loves playing fetch, and offering his paw, if you don't like the first paw - he'll switch them. He would be awesome home guardian; he has hunted in his woods so thinking a home with cats and small dogs might NOT be best. He showed no aggression to the other dogs and cats when he was at the vets. Excellent in car and crate; loves playing fetch. Sire: Pandemonium von Fernheim CGN CD, certified therapy dog sired by Eik vom Clausberg, Dam:  Eden von Tannen Bluff CGN sired by Ricco von Der Zenteiche.  Pedigree can be e-mailed on request.  Located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada (on the N. Michigan border). No shipping. $500 adoption fee. 705-759-6366

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