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2xVA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard Daughter
Female for sale

2X VA1 Atilla Team Furstenbrunn in USA @ VonCalvo
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German Shepherd Dog - Puppies for sale

Working line GSD puppies for sale

Sent by Anilorak

Czech Republic   CZ ←→ Posted from Czech Republic

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Working dog GSD puppies for sale - DOB 08.10.2018


DSC 9599



Heinzke 02

Dorota image008

Oreo with our daughter

Oreo Galan Nalag


Dorota kolaz

Czech Team - Master WM-WUSV

Heinzke 24

Heinzke 22

Heinzke 11

Heinzke 05


sire Oreo Galan Nalag

SG - 5Y1/P, Kkl.1 - HD a-0/0, ED a-0/0, SA-0 neg DNA.
Parents: sire Extreme Orex Aykmar 3x Master CKNO, 5x WM WUSV 3rd, 8th, 18th and 21th place - dam  Sorbona Favory Cross  2x MM CKNO 2nd and 4th place, 2x WM WUSV 18th and 79th place (sire Charik Galan Nalag 49th place WM WUSV, 2x MM CKNO 10th and 16th place, 33th place CZM IPO, 14th place M MSKS)

dam Dorota Anilorak
IPO3, BH, ZVV1, CACT, 26th place WM WUSV 2016 

SG - 5U1/P, Kkl.1 - HD a-0/0, ED a-0/0, DNA
Parents: sire Kern Galan Nalag (sire Javir v. Talka Marda GER Master, 4x BSP 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 18th place, 3x WM WUSV 3rd, 4th and 11th place - dam Codeta Galan Nalag 2x Master CKNO, 3x WM WUSV 13th, 16th and 57th place) - dam Cherry Zimni romance  (sire CZ working CH Barnabasch Black Chabet 2x Master MSKS, 5x placed MM CKNO, 1x placed WM FCI, 26th place WM WUSV, 3x placed CZM IPO, 3x CACT, CACIT, R.CACIT)

For more info see  Vrh G - Anilorak 
Available for sale are 1 female and 1 male.

DSC 1044

DSC 1058

DSC 1081

DSC 1091

DSC 1172a

DSC 1181a

DSC 1205

DSC 1208a

Male - dark blue collar

Female - yellow collar

Female - purple collar

Female - light blue collar 1

Male - dark blue collar 2

Female - yellow collar 2

Female - purple collar 2

Female - light blue collar 2


Bližší informace na tel.

česky +420 605 573 074

Weitere Informationen

deutsche +420 725 242 884

More info


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Working line GSD puppies for sale

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