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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

BH titled male from pure working line

Sent by Marsyas kenel

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Young bicolor trained talented male, soon will be titled with BH

Devil is 2years old male with lots of energy. He has official xrays HD/ED 0/0 (which is the best result he can get) and now he took his title BH. His teeth and testicles are ok, we recommend him for sport, working, breeding and as family member. At this moment he is in training for titles, he can be titled BH soon and IPO1 later this year, he can also achieve the IPO3 title without problems or be trained according to your wish. We are taking titles in Germany at SV judges. He can also have show rating and get the breed survey (Korung).

Dave has excellent food and ball drive, he loves to work, he also enjoys the contact with his trainer. He is very easy to motivate and learns quickly. He has training in all three phases, tracking, obedience and protection work. He comes from pure working line with many famous dogs. Both parents HD/ED normal, titles, show, Korung and DNA.



Sir: IPO3, FH 2, HD/ED normal Jack v.kleinen Zigeuner, German male, excellent on the show, bicolor, many times participant on the highest IPO3 competitions, he leads bloodline of Karn Fegelhof, Crok Erlenbusch and others

Dame: SVV1, HD/ED normal Zeta Mersak, strong drives and strong bones female after great SCHH3, FH2 Phalko Weinbergblick, she gave excellent progenies, she leads top dogs in pedigree: Cherokee v.d. Wölfen, Mona Haus Pixner, Fina von Heinpark, Drago Eqidius, Nash Lisdorferland, Aly Vordersteinwald, Cameron Catargo, Hard Policia, Nick Heiligenbösch and others.


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BH titled male from pure working line

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