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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

High drived female for work

Sent by Marsyas kenel

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Black and tan 18 months old female, for sport, police work, personal protection, family

We offer young female for all types of work. Jumpy is female with natural talent - very high ball and food drive, clear head, strong, full grips, very quick, easy to handle, easy to work with, she learns quickly, she will make excellent in IPO sport, she can be also titled here (BH-IPO3 or ZVV1-ZVV3 or any other training according to your wish). She is great with other dogs and children, she is used to travel, she can live inside or outside, she makes excellent partner in daily life. She has basic training in all three phases of tracking, obedience and protection work. She is middle sized with strong bones. Her prexrays of HD, ED and back - excellent. She comes from great bloodline. She is not for breeding. We offer her for puppy price.

Sir: Willis Bruce Anrebri, IPO3 (96, 97, 97), HD/ED normal, DNA, very good on the show, Kkl in Germany. Top highdrived male with many talented progenies.

Dame: Zeta Mersak, SVV1, HD/ED normal, DNA, very good, Kkl. She comes from Slovakia and her mother is sister of worldfamous Faro Demin dvor (WM).

video of Jumpy:



We also offer another dog for sale plus dog training, we are taking titles, shows, official HD, ED ratings and breed surveys at the SV judge in Germany. 

High drived female for work

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