German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: Retired long coat (id: 270564)

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V1 Gus vom Shepherdland (VA Groovy) VA1 Wanda von
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German Shepherd
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super daughter of VA11 ZENIT (GROOVY SON)
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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

Retired long coat

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Stephonia is a loving, social, and alpha female.She has been that since the day she arrived. She does well in the house and excellent on the leash. She is fine with other animals, provided they are introduced properly. She had her last litter this summer,they were awesome! Now it's time for her to relax with all the glory a wonderful dog like her deserves. I myself am retiring and relocating.We are asking for a $400.00 re homing fee. Contact Laszlo; 440-488-1465

Retired long coat

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