German Shepherd Dog Upcoming Events: Von Calvo Pregnant females, Pups young and older, (id: 270558)

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Very Nice Female German Black and Red
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German Shepherd Dog - Upcoming Events

Von Calvo Pregnant females, Pups young and older,

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Von Calvo German Shepherds


We can help you try to get whatever you need, just call Von Calvo at (786) 271-0118.

Top breeding stock from top dogs in Germany available

Access to top VAs in Germany

Importer of top dogs and puppies from the top German Kennels for sale

Pregnant Females available for sale

Adult females for sale with titles

Adult males for sale with titles

Older puppies 6 months to 1 year available

Working line puppies available

Help with registering your imports or AKC

Training any level in USA or abroad

Semen available from 2X VA1 Schumann von Tronje natural, chilled, or frozen ship worldwide



Call or Text Von Calvo at (786) 271-0118





Von Calvo Pregnant females, Pups young and older,

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