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3 Female Working Line GSD Puppies Still Available

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2 black and tan and 2 sable still available. 
Birth Date:   08/31/2018

Sire:                     Nero Vom Hanrahaus
Working titles:   BH, currently preparing to trial for his IPO 1
Health testing:
   Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1), Elbows: ED fast normal, DM: Clear, LUW: 0

Dam:                   SG Wabi Vikar
Working titles:   IPO 1, FPr1. We have resumed training back up to trial for her IPO2
Health Testing: HD: 0/0, ED: 0/0, DM: Carrier, Spondylosis: Free

Nero is a natural tracker with strong hunt drives. Nero genuinely enjoys all phases of the work obedience, tracking, and protection. He enjoys being challenged and is quite efficient at working through problems. He is a very clear headed and stable dog inside and outside of the work. He is a pleasure to be around and has a phenomenal temperament and disposition. In protection he has a very strong, full, calm grip. His obedience is very flashy and correct as seen in videos. Comes from top West German Working Lines was sired by the 2014 World Champion and Dams direct siblings have competed at world level as well as her sister being the  2017 World Champion.

Wabi is also absolutely a natural tracker, with super hunt drive, and a methodical and precise pace. She has high food and prey drive, and enjoys working with her handler in obedience. In protection, she has consistently strong, full, calm grips. She has a serious side in the protection work. She is "handler friendly" working well for male or female handler. She's even worked for my 13 year old son. She is the half sister to Qvido Vepeden 2018 WUSV World Champion.

Wabi has produced strong, independent, high drive and social pups. I expect a bit of an edge to a few and no possibility of long coats. So far, the puppies are displaying drive and athleticism. Only sables and black and tans are available.

3 Female Working Line GSD Puppies Still Available

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