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Ghazi von Nordsee Sturm
Ghazi just turned two years old. He is a son of V30 BSZS 2018 Zirko van Liedehof and (V LGZS) Yentl von Nordsee Sturm. Ghazi is born on 31.08.2016, he has IPO 1 and Breed survey for 2019-2020. His hips and elbows are rated HD: Fast-Normal (SV) and ED: Normal (SV).
Ghazi has won several shows in Germany and the Netherlands. 
Ghazi is a male with a very nice character and a nice black and red pigmentation. He is used living in a family house and in the kennel. Ghazi is a male who is perfect for people who are looking for a stud male, want to compete in competitions and want a really good companion.

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