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High quality working puppies German Shepherd dog

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Our kennel "Z Kostiviarskej" offers only typical puppies, that are healthy, noble, balanced character fo the individual destined to labor utilization and sports. We currently offer for sale puppies from "I“ Litter, whose are on workinglines, "old Czechoslovakia . Mentioned bloodlines is in the world of German Shepherd dog very much in demand and preferred but increasingly occuring. Puppies were born on 11.8.2018. Both parents are typical representatives of a noble German Shepherd Dog, with excellent exterior in excellent state of health, strong temperament and high working usability. Mother of puppies Afra Charlie´s Court has in pedigree females from significant and famous Slovak kennel Eqidius (Hena Eqidius- SVV3, IPO3, FH2, 2. place World Championship IP FH; Zira Eqidius IPO3, SchH3; Nike Eqidius IPO3, SchH3). Prominent stud dogs in pedigree of mother puppies included Tyson von der Schiffslache IPO3, SchH3, Nash vom Lisdorferland IPO3, SchH3, who significantly influenced breeding German Shepherd in the world. Equally wll known are dogs from the former Czechoslovakia - Bob Z Kostolianskej cesty - IPO3, SVV3, Athos Oranto - IPO3, SchH3, Vilmar z Marušky CS - ZVV3,.Baghyra Jipor CS – ZVV3. Mother of Puppies Afra Charlie´s Court is a typical representative of the breed German Sheoherd in the required robustness, strenght and nobility with good expression, well angulated sable color with dark markings and result from show "excellent“. Afra is manageable, strong temperament, with a confidently balanced character, very strong showing and strong & calm bite with bonitation code 5JV5/55P, HD-A, ED-0. Based on the excellent traits, excellent temperament and great taste to any work passed the tests - SVV1, SVV2, SVV3, Fpr3, Spr3, FH1, FH2. IPO -FH Currently she is only one female German Shepherd Dog in Slovakia which passed the test SVV3, and test of special training acitivities with a focus on scent work "Test dog tracker - SPS“ and focusing of defense "Test dog defensive-SPO“. Stated challenging exams passed at a young age, and on this basis she is entered into SLOVAK BOOK OF RECORDS. Afra is the winner of several competitions in Slovakia – SVV3. The year 2017 was very successful for Afra Charlie's court after the sporting side. Not only did she successfully represent the Slovak Republic at World Championships in dog tracking of IPO FH in the Slovenian town Ptuj. Among its great achievements is also the first prize at the Slovak Championships in the highest competition category of the world's most sophisticated rules in the SVV3 category. Father of puppies Chris z Hané comes from old Czech bloodline. He is solid black stud male, with strong bones and a very nice working type. He has outstanding nerves and clear head. Very strong in character, perfectly balanced and confident with excellent movement in any environment and great social behavior. Lively and active, cheerful, temperamental, excitement and attenuation in equilibrium, very balanced all disciplines (tracking, obedience, defense). Willing to work with handler, easy to learn, with a hearty desire and enthusiasm for work. He gives excellent characters to his progenies so as strong body structure. In his bloodline you can find very imposant and successful dogs. has in pedigree also very work and sport successful individuals. In pedigree Chris z Hané are exclusively known and very successful dogs with only Czech bloodline, which were used in breeding German Shepherds and used in protection of state border in former Czechoslovakia from legendary kennel "Z pohraniční Stráže". Grim z Pohraniční stráže CS – IPO3, SchH3, FH2, ZVV3,. Zar z Pohraniční stráže, Ben z Pohraniční stráže. Also the father of puppies is a typical representative of the breed German Shepherd Dog. He is wholly black dog with show result "Very good“. He is medium size male, medium weight with big head, fixed ears and dark eye. He is very balanced, with strong predatory instinct, with unflagging interest in working in all disciplines. Chris z Hené has bonitation code 5Y1/P - 1. class . Father of Puppies has passed the tests - ZVV1, ZVV2, ZVV3, ZPO1, BH, IPO-V,IPO1, IPO2, IPO3,Fpr1, Fpr2, Fpr3, Spr1, Spr2, Spr3.

High quality working puppies German Shepherd dog

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