German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: Lovely dog long coat (id: 269825)

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progeny Gero z Berounske basty !!!!
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4x VA Negus vom Frankengold Puppies
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Daughter of BSZS V8 Lucka von Buchenland!
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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Lovely dog long coat

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N selling a lovely dog long coat, very dark sable. Wurri basic obedience IPO. Knowing to go to the balloon, aport, sit down, lie, stand, jump a small obstacle. Very good defense, hard grip, fast, drive. He is a very cheerful and happy dog. Absolutely not aggressive. He loves people, animals, cats and other dogs. Know the ride in the car, the box. Love water, swim. Very happy balloon and game. Wurri excellent work pedigree !!! Your teeth are fine, two testicles, a good x-ray, hips, elbows, spine. Clear head.



Lovely dog long coat

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