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German Shepherd Puppies Czech/Champion Bloodlines

Sent by Ferguson K9

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Ferguson K9 will provide you with a purebred AKC registered German Shepherd puppy. Our FK9 team consists of imports from the Czech Republic with highly acclaimed pedigrees that speak for themselves. We Guarantee and Microchip all of our puppies as well as provide Pedigrees, Health Check, Health Passport, Personalized Portfolio, AKC Reunite Lifetime Prepaid Enrollment and Lifetime Breeder Support. We have the Dam and Sire and always encourage our customers to make an onsite visit to choose their puppy. Give us a call today... 606-688-0201 or visit for more information. Litter of 9 born July 11, 2018 Only 1 Male and 2 Females available. NEW HOME READY Don't miss out on this amazing Shepherds... DAM: AXA Z Lacnovskych Rybniku HD 0/0, ED 0/0, DM Clear, CMKU 94724/14, AKC registered, Czech import, balanced mix of old Czech and German blood lines with perfectly proportions muscular (strong bones) body, big square head (typical Czech) with amber eyes, nice coat with rich pigment. Axa has full off leash training, obstacles are no problem, protection/bite is very strong, full and solid bites. Prey, ball and hunt driven. Loves to please her handler. SIRE: Sagar Z Tresnaku HD 0/0, ED 0/0, DM Clear, BH, ZVV1 (99,93,93) Sagar is an amazing 120 lb lean solid black Czech import. Strong bone structure, perfectly proportioned, with huge front paws, beautiful big square head and dark brown eyes. Sagar is highly trained with high drives and an unbelievable desire to protect. Very social, loves kids, car rides, playing in water, walks/hikes, simply a perfect dog. His pedigree speaks for itself.

German Shepherd Puppies Czech/Champion Bloodlines

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