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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

BSZS'17 SG Male for sale

Sent by Venschy

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Updated: Aug 10, 2018 05:53 AM (inserted 7 days ago) -> 119

Kennel " Wolpertinger Wald " sells a large, strong and very expressive male dog.
Extremely correct anatomy (no negative remarks in the descriptions of exhibitions), always in the top three, extremely healthy bones, big and beautiful head. Absolutely correctly built, with excellent movements and incredible character.
Absolutely balanced with excellent hunting instinct, very active at work for protection. He learns very quickly.
Excellent pigment and coat.
Correct bite and two normal testicles.
Excellent socialized, he can live with other male dogs if he does not try to dominate it.
Excellent behavior with children.
At the same time, a very good instinct for home security.
It has the following achievements:
VP1 , 2x SG2 , BSZS 2017 SG95 !!!
HD - fast normal / ED - normal
DM clear !!!
His name is : Nitro vom Wolpertinger Wald and is one of the best V2 Benno vom Mahlstein son's.…/dog.html…
Preference will be given to breeders that would use it for breeding, exhibitions, IPO. Extremely suitable for a breeding male dog.
I have to stay in touch with the new owners, I want to get information and pictures.
Please only for serious inquiries with full names on
private messages .

BSZS'17 SG Male for sale

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