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Males and female from pure working breeding

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3 males and 1 female available from pure working breeding

All puppies are sable and they are showing excellent potential for working, we recommend them for sport, police work, personal protection, family or any other work, we would like to help you with choosing the right puppy for your needs. Puppies love to play, they are used to be around other people, to go to different surfaces, they love to make contact with people, they are used to dry food and are eating excellent, they are vaccinated, regularly dewormed, they will have passport and microchip before shipping. There can be shipped two puppies in one crate.

They come from very famous and successfull working bloodline,

Sir: Joseph Anrebri, IPO3, HD/ED normal, DNA, excellent on the show, Korung, title CACT (it is a working title), male with highdrive, lots of energy and loves to work, he has very strong protection work. He comes from top bloodline with dog like Pike del Lupo Nero, Frankie Anrebri,  Jabina Querry and many others.

Dame: Leslie Waji, IPO1, HD/ED normal, DNA, very good on the show, black sable female with strong drives, excellent mother, great around children, clear head. She comes from bloodline with Coudy z Udoli Upy, Zar Schiffslache, Hoky Va Pe, Ellute Mohnwiese and she leads Czech bloodline (and z Pohranicni straze) from her mother side.

We also offer training according to your wish, we can train puppy until titles like BH, IPO1-IPO3, ZVV1 - ZVV3, we can train puppy for competitions, we can make show, official HD/ED ratings, DNA and breed survey, we can take this all in Germany at SV judge.

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Males and female from pure working breeding

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