German Shepherd Dog Puppies for sale: DDR 7 week old Bi Color Male. (id: 267000)

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German Shepherd Dog - Puppies for sale

DDR 7 week old Bi Color Male.

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ORSO VOM SONOLINE x AIKA VOM HAUS LANDRY. Pups borned Mar 31. I have two males, one female(SOLD) they are Dark Dark Bi Colors,Huge bones Huge heads, nice temperment, naturally in Protection Instinct, both dogs have produced very nice upon request,serious inquiries only. Terry Hatten WWW.OELMANSDORF.COM 832 563 3463 Houston,Tx Photos of Orso and Aika prodigy upon request. Linebreeding - 5 generations Inbreeding coefficient Father - Mother 4 - 3,4 SG Uncas vom Poppitz SchH3 5 - 4,5,5 SG Lady vom Sachsenzentrum SCHH2 5 - 4,5 SG Condor vom Haus Christian SCHH2 5 - 5 SG Lisa von den Tonteichen SCHH3

DDR  7 week old Bi Color Male.

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