German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: Strong Family Protection K9 IMPORT $7500 (id: 266745)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Strong Family Protection K9 IMPORT $7500

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Yason Da - Kr

D.O.B. 1-23-2017

Import from the czech republic







Above we have the info on the following male by the name of Yason. As you can tell his training began at a very young age in the czech republic and has only grown to be a bigger and stronger dog with excellent obedience and protection skills! Yason loves to run the yard while you mow and keep watch on the children. He is a dominant male so wouldnt recommend another male dog in the house but has been just fine with females! He has a low to medium prey drive so no issues ripping balls out of your childrens hands etc.

Yason is very easy to control and loves to train and go for walks! He is a great dog for a family looking for a traveling buddy or a dog to leave at home to keep the ranch/house safe!




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Strong Family Protection K9 IMPORT $7500

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