German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: Family Protection Import Male $6800 (id: 266740)

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Male for sale

Family Protection Import Male $6800
Male for sale

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Family Protection Import Male $6800

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Here we have a long coat medium sized male with the temperament of love! He is beyond loving and loyal to his family but always fast to protect and ready to turn on at the bad guy in a moments notice. Very safe and social dog who loves children and all animals. He prefers belly rubs and running around the park ober anything else. If he barks at a stranger its simply for a reason and you should shy clear. He has a great judge of character and will protect for real. He is not a sleeve happy k9 but a dog who will spit the sleeve to re-engage for real.

He will leave our facility with full on/off leash obedience and protection. He is crate trained and excellent in the house!

$6800 handlers course, shipping & delivery available world-wide!



Family Protection Import Male $6800

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