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strong/serious dog/amazing pedigree

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Ikko Vikar 95 lb strong Working lines 5 years old Ikko is a very fast, talented versatile dog. He is extremely powerful, serious and strong. Suitable for sport, personal protection, sentry dog, police dog, breeding dog. He is one of the hardest biting dogs that you will come across. He is dominant dog and need hig experience handler. It's the type of dog he need to gain his confidence. Obedience is super and lively with fancy footwork and his retrieves are solid and very fast. Hi-drive dog, he loves the ball. Protection hold and bard is active, clean and very serious. He live to work! He love tracking and and he is experimented. You can always trust him in any field of tracking. He never stop working! Not good with other male, ok with cat and farm animal but can be curious ans pushy. Hips and elbows are OFA Good/Normal. Paper are transfer Canadien. This is a serious dog for experience Handlers only. Serious inquires only, you can contact me on

strong/serious dog/amazing pedigree

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