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Dark sable TOP female for sport and breeding

Sent by orrylordblack

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Updated: Apr 17, 2018 08:21 AM (inserted 5 days ago) -> 111
Dark sable TOP female for sport and breeding---------- Uriah Heep Orrylordblack (Father:Jaro Ja-he x Mother:Xerra Vikar) Young female Rose, 1.YEAR old, excellent HD, ED and back prexrays, teeth ok, lots of drive, very nice built, from pure working breeding, borh parents IPO3 and HD/ED normal, show, DNA and Korung.---------------------------------- She has basic training in all three disciplines for IPO or ZVV - in tracking, obedience and protection work. She has very strong drives for food, ball so as protection work. She shows very high potential in all three phases, she loves to work for food, she loves to hunt the ball and is very keen on protection work, with strong grip and nice barking. She is socialised, used to be around owner, used to travel in car, visiting city, she can be inside or outside.-------------------------------------------------- She can be also trained for BH, IPO1-IPO3 or ZVV, including show, official xrays, DNA and Korung. She can take everything in Germany at SV judge.------------------------------------ Her pedigree: for more info: ORRYLORDBLACK@SEZNAM.CZ-------------------------------------------------- WWW.ORRYLORDBLACK.CZ------------------

Dark sable TOP female for sport and breeding

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